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Having your Oil boiler serviced annually is very import for a number of reasons:

  • Increasing the life of your system will save you money in the future, a service will always be cheaper than a breakdown.
  • Maintain the energy efficiency of the boiler, oil nozzles can become blocked over the course of a year and an inefficient nozzle reduces the heat to oil ratio thus becoming more inefficient and more expensive to run
  • Photocells can glaze over with soot. Photocells are an important safety feature which detects whether the flame is lit. If a photocell is dirty it may not be able to monitor the flame correctly and could cause the boiler to shut down randomly causing inconvenience. Boilers switching on and off frequently will be less efficient than when running for longer periods.
  • Carbon monoxide is a by-product of an Oil Boiler, a small amount produced is not harmful however should the boiler over produce carbon monoxide it can become fatal to those around it. An annual boiler service will help your boiler burn more efficiently.

Don’t Forget The Tank

  • Engineers have to be OFTEC qualified to install and register the oil tank, this is a legal requirement if you were to sell your home, you should always make sure the oil engineers are OFTEC qualified
  • We also check the current base to ensure stability and safety along with the supports to make sure the tank will be able to withstand strong weather
  • Inspect potential fire hazards with the tank, extremely important for the safety of you and others around the area

If you complete a boiler service with Lewington’s you will automatically be added to our service list and will be reminded every year that your service will be up for renewal. You don’t have to be an existing customer and unlike other companies there is no annual contract we offer a standard price to all customers.

We are offering a discount for group bookings in the same village! Call our office for more information.

For more information, or to book in an oil boiler service, please contact the office on 01858 433333, email us, info@lewington-heating.co.uk or fill out our contact form and we will call you back.

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