Air Source Heat Pump: Market Harborough

“I have had dealings with Lewington’s for the last eight years and they are the only heating engineers that I have wanted to use.”

Project Brief

Mr & Mrs Brookstein wanted to do their bit to assist climate control when they continued their renewable energy journey.

The mains gas boiler in their 4-bedroom detached house was only 6 years old and didn’t need replacing, but in 2020 they decided to change to an Air Source Heat Pump.

After having solar panels installed on the roof almost as soon as they moved into their new build, they felt an Air Source Heat Pump would reduce their emissions and save them money long-term.

They wanted to understand how big an Air Source Heat Pump would be. Also, any potential impact of noise output for our neighbours, as the gardens on the estate are quite compact. They were reassured that it’s a very soft noise output that’s generated after Darren arranged for them to go and view another Air Source Heat Pump he’d installed at a property in a nearby village.

Project details

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Mr & Mrs Brookstein first became aware of Lewington’s at a promotional event about Renewable Energy in Market Harborough. They spoke to us to establish a link for boiler servicing, and Air Source Heat Pumps were also discussed. At the time, this wasn’t relevant to them as they had only just purchased their new-build property. However, once they decided to make the change, they got in touch:

“We’ve used Lewington’s ever since – you’re not the cheapest, but you’re the most reliable. We didn’t get any quotes from anyone else; we knew we wanted you to do the work. It’s nice that you’re based nearby if we do have any issues”.

The following was installed on Darren’s recommendation:

  • Mitsubishi 8.5kW Air Source Heat Pump
  • Mitsubishi 210ltr indirect un-vented pressurised Hot Water Cylinder

Mr & Mrs Brookstein also decided to apply for the Government’s ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ that was available at the time.

The Result

  • The Air Source Heat Pump was installed at the back of the house, under the kitchen window. They’ve even put a small platform on top to utilise the space for some potted plants.
  • The boiler was removed from the utility room, freeing up space for an extra cupboard.
  • The hot water tank was changed but remained in the airing cupboard upstairs as before, taking up no extra space.

Air Source Heat Pump Considerations

  • “There is a standing charge for a gas meter alone, approximately £100/year. It may be worth considering if it would be financially viable to change from a gas hob, as we knew we wouldn’t use enough gas annually to justify the additional cost of the meter without a gas boiler. We moved over to a ceramic hob instead and chose to have the gas meter removed”.

Air Source Heat Pump benefits

  • “We were keen to move to renewable energy because of climate control, and we knew this is the way energy would be moving”.
  • “Part of the installation included a Hive thermostat. This is very useful and easy to use. We can access it remotely if we’ve forgotten to set the heating, and it’s also handy if we go away”.
  • “We’re now using half the amount of kilowatt hours of heat we used to use with a gas boiler (despite rising energy prices). We’re hoping that Darren’s prediction that gas bills will escalate electricity’s will work in our favour”.

I have had dealings with Lewington’s for the last eight years and they are the only heating engineers that I have wanted to use.

I live in a new-build house and initially they visited just once a year to service our gas boiler and hot water storage tank. 18 months ago, they removed the boiler, installed and commissioned an air source heat pump system, and changed a couple of radiators.

I was impressed that they approached me when a service was due and their engineers were always prompt, tidy and courteous.

I was equally impressed with the speedy installation of the air source heat pump and how little disturbance there was. They replaced all the items they had needed to move in a most satisfactory way, so I was left with nothing to do.

I particularly appreciated the prompt and full replies to my questions by Darren and his clear explanation of the new system. Lewington’s may not be the most cost effective of the heating engineers, but their work is of a consistently high standard, and I have complete confidence in them”.

(Mr & Mrs Brookstein)

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