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Get your heating ready for the colder months

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Simple ways to upgrade your heating’s performance for winter

Bleed your radiators

Releasing trapped air from your heating system will prevent cold spots where trapped air prevents water from heating up your whole radiator. All you need is a radiator bleed key and a cloth to catch any drips.

Check the pressure

One of the easiest ways to know if your boiler is performing at its optimal level to heat your home is to check the pressure. If it’s below the correct mark, simply adjust it.

Improve insulation

Now that the government is offering the Green Homes Grant, it’s the perfect time to see if you’re eligible for funding to improve your home’s insulation.

Pipe health

Burst pipes can cause havoc but can easily be prevented with the use of adequate lagging, available from DIY stores.

Health check

Get your boiler serviced annually to help ensure your boiler is running efficiently and highlight problems that may lead to a breakdown before it’s too late. Book a service with a local trusted heating engineer for peace of mind in the cold months ahead.