Say “Goodbye” to frozen pipes with Worcester’s CondenseSure

2 minute read

It’s beginning to look as though the sun may be here to stay – or at least visit! We think we deserve a perfectly sunny Summer after the Winters we’ve faced over the last few years.


With climate change and extreme weather variations being common practice for a while now, we’ve come to be less surprised by snapping colds and brisk chills, and we instead merely do what we can to keep our homes warm and our water hot when the cold inevitably strikes.


When the Beast from the East came to visit late February this year, we experienced some of the coldest weather conditions in years, and this was reflected in our record number of call-outs to remedy frozen condensate pipes. While this is an all-too common issue for many during the cold spells, Worcester Bosch have answered all our cold concerns with – the CondenseSure. This development from the heating manufacturer is a universally-fitting auxiliary siphon that collects condensate in a larger vessel than ordinarily, under or near the boiler, then releases it in a larger volume to the discharge pipe every 15-20 minutes, as opposed to every three. This minimises the risk of ice build-up in the condensate pipe – and a last-minute boiler crisis when the cold strikes!


The device uses no power or electricity, meaning no running costs, and can be installed on new and existing gas- and oil-fired Worcester boilers. With no pipe insulation needed, it’s also compact, flexible and aesthetically un-intrusive!


At Lewington’s, we’re fans of all things that make life easier for our customers, ensuring them peace of mind and no last-minute callouts. This nifty innovation certainly ticks all the boxes, and we’re sure it’ll prove a hit for all those who have found themselves stuck with frozen pipes in the cold.


While the sun is shining, our boilers are taking a well-earned rest, making this season the perfect time to prepare your boiler for the upcoming Autumn and Winter. To enquire further about the CondenseSure and book an appointment, give the team a call on 01858 433 333, and we’d be delighted to tell you more.