Renewable Technology


Now is a great time to invest in renewable technology.  Not only will you reduce your bills, you’ll also be protecting the environment. As experts in the renewables industry we can install a wide range of products:

Heat your home using pipes buried in your garden to extract natural heat from the ground. From Spring through to Autumn it stores up enough energy to heat your home for the entire winter. Pretty clever right?

Not only that, if at any point its gets too hot inside your house, the same system can be used for cooling too.

The benefits don’t stop there either. It can save up to 80% off your heating bills!* How? Because it uses energy from the ground as its main energy source and this kind of energy is free of charge. It’s also really environmentally friendly, producing much lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to a traditional heating system.

For more information on how Ground Source Heat Pumps work visit: or call us on 01858 433 333 for a free quote.

Air source heat pumps

Why not use the outside air to heat and cool your home?

Even in freezing cold winters (as low as -15° C), it can get heat from the air to heat up your home and hot water.

By using a free energy source such as the air, it can reduce your heating costs by up to 65%*. The exact figure will depend on where you live, the size of your house and the fuel you are replacing.

It also has a very low impact on the environment too which is good to know. It can cut your home’s carbon dioxide emissions in half as there is no combustion process involved.

For more information on how air source heat pumps work visit:  or call us on 01858 433 333 for a free quote.

*using NIBE heat pumps

Solar panels

Really, in this country? Yes it’s all about the daylight and not sunshine, panels can still generate electricity on the gloomiest of days and we have quite a few of them! Also known as Solar PV, the panels catch the suns energy and convert it into electricity which can be used to power your household goods and lighting.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates a typical 4kWp system can knock off around £70 from a family's bills each year. Savings depend on the system size, electricity use, whether you're at home during the day to use the energy you're producing and other factors. If you can use more energy during the day when the panels are generating, you'll save even more as you'll need less electricity from the grid.

What’s more you can even get paid for the electricity you generate! For more information visit or call us on 01858 433 333 for a free quote.

Solar water heating

Can you believe that most homes use around 25% of their total energy to heat water! So wouldn’t it be great to use a free energy source to cut down your heating bills?

Solar water heating uses panels on your roof to collect the heat from the sun to heat your water. It can be used alongside a regular immersion heater, which will kick in when your solar supply runs out.

The more water you can heat in this way, the less money you'll spend on heating bills. Typical savings can range from between £55 to £80 a year, although the bigger your property and the more panels you have, the higher your eventual savings will be.

Solar water heating can also drastically reduce your home's carbon footprint, great news for the environment.

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