5 simple ways to avoid Christmas heating disasters

2 minute read

Christmas can often feel akin to a military mission. Turkey prepping at precisely 7am, present unwrapping until 10am, and fun and games from 3pm onwards. Our meticulously-timed operation means there’s usually not a lot of room for error – lest it throw the whole day out of kilter! One thing you certainly don’t want to deal with on Christmas Day is problematic heating. The Winter sees us at our busiest at Lewington’s, and we want to help you prevent as many issues as possible. To do so, keep reading and take note of our top tips!

Bleed your radiators – Doing this can make sure that your boiler is operating as it should be, and give it a new lease of life.

Checking the pressure – it seems like a minor and obvious thing to check, but the pressure of your boiler can tell you quickly and simply whether your boiler’s performing up to scratch. If it’s a little below the mark, top it up to keep it warming your home well.

Don’t just rely on your boiler – a good way to keep your home as warm as possible is to insulate where possible. We’ve written plenty of blogs on easy ways to do this – so take a look at one, here.

Insulate your pipes! – Burst pipes are one of the most common issues in the winter months. When it comes to preventing common disasters, don’t underestimate the power of lagging (which you can buy from DIY shops).

Employ the trusty fire (but stay safe) – there’s little in life more festive than a fire to warm up the room. It’s a very effective alternative way to heat your home, and lessens the burden on your boiler to heat the house. However, make sure your home is always equipped with a functioning carbon monoxide alarm, to stay safe (as well as warm!).

These easy, actionable tips will see your home warm throughout the upcoming festivities! If you do, however, have a disaster over the holiday, give us a call on 01858 433 333, and we will do what we can to help.

Merry Christmas from the Lewington’s team, hoping you have a warm and festive day.