Four easy ways to warm your home with less gas

2 minute read

It’s that time of year when our phones take a battering! As the cold air draws in, more and more of us realise our heating’s not up to scratch or seems to be acting a little strangely. If you find yourself in a pickle, we’re on hand to help – just give us a call – in the meantime, however, we can heat ourselves and our homes without using only our boiler. Saving energy = less environmental impact, and less financial impact for you! Here are a few great ways to keep cosy.


Use your energy wisely

After the oven’s been on, keep the door open and let the residual heat warm the room up for no extra cost! Also, keep your curtains open during the day – especially when getting direct sunlight – as the light’s reflection through the glass will go some way to pre-heating the room, all for free.


Focus on only the rooms you are using

For households where there are only two, there’s no need to have heating on everywhere. Try having the radiators on in only your living room, bedroom and kitchen (or any other rooms you use a lot!). Keeping doors shut to non-heated rooms will also help keep the heat in a smaller area. Over time, you’d be surprised at the saving you can make on your energy bill!


Keep warm the old-fashioned way, and grab a blanket and hot water bottle

An old favourite for most, blankets not only keep you warmer, but are also a great way to make a room seem cosier. Of course, alongside a blanket you can employ a hot water bottle and pre-heat your bedroom by putting it under your covers a few minutes before bed.


Insulate, insulate, insulate

Don’t underestimate the power of draft-blocking and insulation. Not only do they help you house retain warmth, but they’ll also speed up the rate at which your house warms up – a win-win!