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The benefits of air source heat pumps

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Air source heat pumps are an increasingly popular solution for heating the home. Here’s why…

What is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps capture heat from the air outside to heat your water and home. They can extract heat from the air in temperatures as low as -15°C, meaning they work efficiently even on the chilliest UK winter night.

The benefits of having an air source heat pump

An air source system reduces your carbon footprint and saves money too. Not only will fuel bills go down, the government’s Green Homes Grant means you can currently claim up to £10,000 on a new renewable heating system.

How do they work?

These systems run on electricity and are an efficient way of heating your home because the heat output they generate is larger than the electricity input needed to run them.

Is an air source pump suitable for me?

You need an outdoor space where the unit can be placed on the ground or fitted to a wall, with ample space around it to generate a good air flow. The size required will depend on your home’s heating needs, with larger homes needing bigger units.

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