Ten easy ways to save energy

2 minute read

It’s Big Energy Saving Week this week, prompting us to think a little more about running a greener, more earth-conscious home (and saving you money in the process!). What better time, then, to give you some great energy-saving, and money-saving tips? Read on and get saving…


Keep the heat in!

Don’t underestimate the power in insulating your roof, and draught-excluding from doors and windows. Doing so will keep your home much warmer using much less energy (and money!).


Lights off

Oh, the politics of lights – usually a source of debate for families. It goes without saying, but turning off lights when you’re not in the room can really make a difference to your energy usage – especially if you’re not using LED lights (which will also save you a pretty penny).


Go for A-rated appliances

They’re a slightly bigger investment initially, but the energy you save through choosing A-rated appliances will usually pay you back in the first year or two – as well as saving more energy than alternative options!


Minimise your dryer usage

This can be easier said than done in Britain, where rain is an often occurrence. However, if you can avoid using your dryer on fresh washing, you will save energy and money. For those times when you do use the dryer, clean the lint filter! This will help it run more efficiently, helping you and the planet.


Tap aerators and low flow showers

These will inject air into the flow of water, meaning usage isn’t compromised, but you use a fraction of the usual amount. Similarly, low flow shower heads use much less water, meaning smaller energy bills!


Energy saving on holiday

This in itself warrants a blog post – so here’s a great article to help you save –


Carpets and curtains

Simply using carpets instead of hard floors, and thicker-lined curtains will help to retain heat. Perhaps next time you’re debating between carpet and tiles, conserving heat will sway the vote!


Shut doors and turn off radiators

If you’re like many small households and only use three of four rooms regularly, turn radiators down in rarely-used rooms, and shut door to keep heat in a smaller space!


Repair dripping taps/leaks

Though small, dripping taps and small leaks can lead to a lot of water wastage. Not only is this costing you more, but it’s unnecessarily wasting water. In fact, a dripping tap can waste up to 20,000 litres of water a year. Surprising stuff!


Service/replace your boiler

One of the most effective ways to save energy is to use a boiler that is running efficiently! To make sure yours is up to scratch, a service will do the job and more. Alternatively, a boiler replacement might help best in some cases. To find out more, call our office on 01858 433 333