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Revolutionising comfort: the future of renewable heating in homes

With the government offering financial incentives for those who invest in new technology for renewable energy, it’s clear that sustainable ways of heating our homes are the future of domestic heating. Here at Lewington’s we’re pioneers in renewable energy, having set up Lewington Renewables back in 2000. As the trusted local experts in this increasingly […]


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The advantages of renewable energy – a sustainable choice

In today’s world, where energy consumption is at an all-time high and global warming is an ever-increasing issue, it’s important to find sustainable sources of energy for the future, and the way we heat our homes is a key part of that. Obviously, switching to more renewable heating systems involves an initial financial investment. However, […]

Two air source heat pump units on the side of a house

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Efficient home heating: exploring renewable heating solutions

As autumn sets in, many of us start thinking about how we can best keep our homes warm and comfortable throughout the colder months ahead. And as energy costs remain stubbornly high, efficiency remains an important priority as winter approaches. This is where renewable heating solutions come in, as they offer cost-efficient and easy to […]



Heat pumps – how they can save you more

Why now is the right time to make the switch!  Moving away from traditional gas or oil boilers to an air source heat pump might seem daunting initially, but they offer many positives that homeowners should be aware of: By capturing the outside air, they generate renewable energy to heat your home. Working in temperatures […]


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Harborough Big Green Week 2022

Lewington’s were proud to support Harborough’s Big Green Week 2022, the UK’s biggest call for action on climate change. This annual event highlights and celebrates community action across the nation to tackle climate change and protect nature. On 1st October we attended ‘Great Big Green Saturday’ on The Square to discuss the benefits of Renewable […]


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0% VAT announced for energy-saving materials – find out how you could save money and energy

As the government looks to reduce carbon emissions and meet its climate change targets, it has announced VAT cuts on a range of energy-saving materials. The hope is that by making these products more affordable, more people will be encouraged to install them in their properties, which will help reduce energy consumption and ultimately help […]


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