Save water to save money: our six top tips

2 minute read

How lucky we are to be able to get clean, fresh, drinkable water at the twist of a handle? In so many places it’s not that simple. Conserving water not only helps you to cut back on your utility bills, but also helps to keep a vital resource. With small but regular changes, the question is how much water (and money) can you save? Follow our tips and see for yourself…

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

While many of us make the effort to do this, for others, old habits die hard. If you’re one of the few who can’t seem to shake the habit, you might be surprised on the annual saving you can make by doing so! Up to 6 litres of water can be saved per minute just by turning off your tap while brushing! If you’re struggling to remember for the first few days, use a post-it note in your bathroom mirror.

Fix that leaking tap

A small drip from a tap every now and then can seem like a mild inconvenience, but you’d be surprised how much water you can save by fixing the issue. Did you know, a tap that drips twice a minute will waste a gallon of water per week? So long as it’s still dripping, you are spending unnecessary money!

Refrigerate your water

No-one likes to drink lukewarm water, so instead of standing with a running tap for a couple of minutes to get it to the right temperature, decant some water into a jug and refrigerate it for later. It might also encourage you to drink more, which most of us could do with…

Short showers

It might be easier said than done, but cutting down the time you’re in the shower can save you anywhere between 6 and 45 litres of water per minute!! Keep them short, and it you want to relax and spend longer bathing, choose a bath which can save you in water and costs.

Only machine wash full loads

If you’ve only got a couple of pieces of clothing to wash, try to resist using a washing machine cycle, which will use unnecessary water. Hand washing will do the same job with less wastage. Do the same with your dishwasher, and hand wash small amounts to save water. If your clothes just need a ‘freshen up’, go for a colder, shorter cycle which will also use less energy than hot, long cycles.

Collect rainwater for the garden

Having a water tank in your garden means you can collect rainwater as it comes to feed your garden and flowers. Not only does this save you costs and lots of hosepipe running, but the rainwater is also much better for your garden.

Small little changes to the way we live our lives can help to save the planet as well as preserve your cash! How do you save water day-to-day?