Reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills with Underfloor Heating

At Lewington Heating, we’ve been installing hydronic underfloor heating alongside our award-winning heat pumps ever since we first launched our Lewington Renewable division in 2000. We pride ourselves on easily installing and integrating underfloor heating with your hot water system, whether that is renewable or non-renewable. Either way, switching to underfloor heating will be financially beneficial as it is more efficient than a radiator based system.

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At Lewington Heating we install underfloor heating systems alongside many of our renewable options. This is because underfloor heating is a more efficient alternative to a radiator system. By heating your home through the floor, you avoid cold spots and save yourself vital space within your home. Find out more about how underfloor heating could improve your energy efficiency.

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Our underfloor heating systems can be integrated with air source and ground source heat pumps, so that renewable energy can be used most efficiently.


Wet underfloor heating is an efficient heating solution for any home, particularly new builds or new extensions. It’s space saving qualities makes it ideal for a smaller room too.

Pipes are installed underneath your floor, heating your home from the ground up. These pipes run across the floor at a relatively low temperature, this requires less energy than a radiator system and ensures there’s no cold spots in your room!




Hydronic or Wet underfloor heating works by installing a series of pipes underneath your finished floor. The pipes are full of a fluid (which consists of a mix of water or antifreeze). They work as a closed loop which flows constantly between the boiler and the floor, ensuring that there is constant heat coverage.

The temperature of the wet UFH can be controlled by a thermostat in your home, making it easy to maintain and adjust.


There are many benefits of installing wet underfloor heating, these include;

  • Creation of a silent, invisible source of heat
  • No cold spots or chilly corners
  • Takes up no space within the room itself
  • Very low maintenance – one checkup every 10 years
  • Versatile fitting for any shape room
  • More energy efficient than radiators
  • Can be integrated with renewable energy sources


Whilst underfloor heating does not come under the UK government’s renewable compensation scheme, it can be integrated with air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, or solar hot water panels which are all eligible technologies.

At Lewington heating, we often install these technologies simultaneously, as customers want to make sure that their renewable energy will be used in the most efficient way. Many customers put the savings that they have made from investing in renewable technologies towards new underfloor heating systems, creating a stress-free integrated heating solution.



The UK Government offers a variety of grants and financial incentives to encourage UK homes to swap to renewable heating systems.
Learn about the most recent and upcoming grants available on our funding page.

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    Customer FAQs

    No, as a company we only install wet systems. Electric systems tend to be a tile warmer, not a sole source of heat for a room.

    No, a well designed wet underfloor heating system can be your sole source of heat, so no need for unsightly radiators.

    Underfloor heating provide a low temperature background heat. It is not as responsive as a radiator system but runs for longer period, just topping up the temperature as required.

    Yes, you can install an “Overlay” system, which is an 18mm board with profiled grooves to take the pipes. This board is then either covered with self levelling compound or 9mm ply before your final floor covering is laid. This option typically brings up you floor levels by about 28mm.

    Underfloor heating is ideal for a new build or extensions as the pipes can be laid into the floor before the concrete is poured over.

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